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This brief introductions is offered to qualified investors and movie industry executives for participation in the development of a full length motion picture.  The movie premise is the rise of Napoleon from artillery commander to Monarch of France.  Along this path, wars were fought and won, with another principal, an incredible Arabian horse, Marengo. 

The movie has the opportunity to showcase the development of horsemanship in Europe in the early 1800’s.  The Arabian horse was considered one of the key parts of reintroducing the breeding and growth of thorobred horses that are still found in stud farm development today. 

The next aspect of the movie is the importance of the horse in Battles throughout Europe.  France was known as the country with the best Cavalry brigades, and the horses the troops used in battle.  Marengo, was considered legendary for the number of large battles he survived,  the tremendous courage under fire, the safety which Napoleon rode during these battles due to Marengos keen instincts. 

Finally, one of the ultimate tributes to the horse Marengo, is chronicled after the battle of Waterloo.  When Napoleon surrenders, his horse, Marengo is bought, and taken to London,England.  There the horse was put on daily display to large crowds in Piccadilly Square.  After Marengos death, the horse was preserved, and now is an exhibit in the Royal Armory Musuem.  In fact, one hoof, is currently resting in the British Officers Club in London

 Yet, this story, and movie portrays a different story.  That perhaps, this magnificent horse returned to its original birthplace, and continued to provide stud lines in Arab horses still seen in todays beautiful, and courages Egyptian Arabian horses.  Contact Got It Productions to learn more about how you can participate in this  Historical Movie Project.  The people, the horses, the story is true, and the results have had effects on todays horse world.

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