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Marengo : The War Horse


Movie and the Story:  Marengo was an Egyptian Arabian horse found by the French Cavalry, and Napoleon during the Egyptian Campaign.  It was from a Royale family, and is presented to Napoleon as a gift from the Shiekh, Muhammad Ali, upon Napoleons taking of Alexandria.  During that exchange, Napoleons groomsman, Marcel, sees a Princess, his age, watching the proceedings, gift, exchange of horses, from deep within the tent of Muhammad Ali.  She is sad, and scared, and in wonder.  It is her first time out of the desert into a big City.  It is sad, because she loved the young horse, Marengo,…it was her horse.

 Scene I   Marcel is known for his love of horses from the time he was a young boy.  On the Island of Corsica where he was born, he often rode small horses or donkeys around the steep island terrain.  The value of the horse for image for this small, intelligent misunderstood young boy, was learned at a young age. Napoleon grew up in Corsica.

On the other side of the world, Princess Alibaba, is living a desert Bedouin life, and knows every one of  the horses in her father’s stables.  To find the best stud in the world, and develop the finest breed of horse is her goal in life. But she is a girl, and it’s a man’s society.  Her father humors her love of his favorite horses.  One night Ali finds a young foal, trapped in a desert canyon, the foals mother dead, and hyenas barking.  Ali  saves the foal, brings it back to his herd, and raises. She is 14.

 Scene II:  Napoleon  is rising through the ranks.  In the battle of Toulun, he is an artillery commander, but always watches the horses of the French Cavalry from afar.  He knows the value of a trained regimental horse, and horseman.  Marcel finds the Artillery Captain, Napoleon. He wants to be part of that world.  Napoleon, and Marcel perform heroically in the Battle of Toulon, N is rewarded with promotion to General, and meets King Louis XIV.  Scene of Versalilles, ….He knows his entry has to be on a horse of tremendous majesty to carry his image to the King, and his troops. M find Caesar (enter the 2nd horse in the script Caesar). The entry, Marcel his groomsman is by his side.  In the battles, and in the pageantry at Versailles.  M is 16. N is 28.

 In Arabia, the young Marengo, has grown into a fine stallion.Ali cares for all the horses, but her favorite is Marengo.  The Shiekh knows he will sire a great number of horses for his stables.

M , is an excellent horseman and Napoleon instructs him to work with the Generals of the French Cavalry, learn the training, and find him the horses he will need under him for the Battles he  sees in the French army future.

Scene III:   Napoleon, politics, the court, etc etc.   The French  plan to divert their forces, to separate the British supply, and trade lines through Egypt.  The Battle of Egypt is about to begin.  Napoleon picks a small cavalry, because of ship space, and hopes for horses in Arabia.  The word is out. The French forces come ashore, limited horses.  Napoleons horse is shot out from under, (the Viewer sees the Danger of Being the Horse of the General).  Shiekh Muhammad Ali, hears about the battle, and wishing to be on the winning side to protect and help his Bedouin family arranges the Meeting in Alexandria. He brings many many fine horses.  One, Marengo is presented to Napoleon.  Marcel, overseeing the horses, sees Ali, their eyes meet, and it is love at first site. SONG.  Ali, and Shiekh Muhammad Bedouin family, leave to return to the desert.  Ali has one last site of Marcel.

 Scene IV:   Marcel begins a training program for Marengo, that will serve as the program for all horses in the Cavalry.  Guns, Swords, explosions, work, hauling carts, all to strengthen the horse resolve to stay with his Master throughout the battle,  and never fail.  Many horses try, the ones that make it, are destined for history.

The Battle of Egypt does  not go well.  Napoleon returns, with his horses, and Marcel and Generals to France.  The British own the sea lanes, but the French own the best army, and cavalry in Europe. Several small battles, and horses under Napoleon, are shot down, but Marengo clearly becomes a beacon of hope for the French Cavalry and army as they battle the British, and Germans towards….Waterloo.   During this time, the British looking for anyway to change the momentum, sieze on capturing the horse Marengo, and making Napoleon vulnerable in battle.  Marcel thwarts several attempts to hurt, poison, steal Marengo.  Each time the horse, and Marcel become closer, and Marengo knows his role in the coming battles. Thru this Marcel continues to think about the Princess Ali, and her horse Marengo, wondering if it might be best for Marengo to be in Arabia.  He sends a message via courier (which is intercepted) of his plan to change Marengo for another horse of equal stature, but not the temperament, for the next battle, and spirit Marengo to Arabia.  The princess, gets the message,  pleads with her father to save Marengo…but there are spies everywhere….and the plot to get to Waterloo is part of the story. Marcel and Napoleon talk about their lives and futures.  Marcel and Ali sing the ‘FROZEN’ duet,  miles apart, but destined to meet.

Scene V: Preparation for Waterloo.  Army, Cavalry reviews…the politics…British forces moving up.  Napoleon, rides the 2 different horses.  Each is accomplished, and the troops love the horse,  and the image.  The battle ground is reviewed, the troops are moved and preparations are made for Battle.  The bad guys, are trying to figure out which is Marengo, and making a plan of their own. Marcel is making sure Marengo and his other horses are safe, and ready for the battle. In Arabia, the princess leaves with a small group loyale to protecting her, and the line of horses in the Shiekh stables.

 Scene VI:  The Battle.  Marcel switches the horses for the Battle of Waterloo. Caeser (horse name #2) is chosen to ride into the Battle. Marengo is sick, poisoned in his food,  Ali, and her attendants arrive and Marengo.  Ali, and Marcel realize that Marengos place is in the stud farms of Shiekh Muhammad, not dying on a grim battlefield.  Preparations are made to take him out of the country during the battle.  Spies from both sides are first confused, which horse, and some comedy moves.  But as they realize what is happening, they start chase for Marengo.

 Scene VII:  Napoleon, realizing this may be the end, gives Marcel his freedom, and asks that he take Marengo to a safe place.  He has served well.  The Battle begins….Caesar carries Napoleon to a high vista, to overlook the war.  Marengo, Ali, and Marcel have taken flight with spies on their trail.  Battle, Battle, Battle….

Attempts to get Marengo, Attempts to get Marengo..

 Scene VIII:  The war is over, the British have won.  Napoleon has been captured, along with his generals,  and placed in Prison.  The British troops have Captured Caesar, thinking it is Marengo…the Parade to Picadilly Square, the circus and Caesar loves the attention.  He couldn’t be happier.  Napoleon goes to Corsica, and there in Arabia,  Ali and Marcella land, with Marengo romping into the grassy stud pasture of his future.  Creating the Egyptian Arabian breed for the world to remember and enjoy.   The End

Credits:  Actual pictures of the Handout Bills of Marengo/Caesar in Piccadilly Square…then the mournful death of Marengo, the skeleton…final scene the Hoof in the Royal Armory Parlor.  Marengo running off to Sire more Egyptian Arabian horses, and Ali and Marcel with a happy family, Muhammad Ali,,,looking over his oil wells and family.

The End

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