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Got It Productions LLC offers a full line of services to artists, producers and performers. Publishing rights are difficult to manage, and a full time service is generally required. Got It Productions LLC will file the initial copyright and publishing rights with ASCAP and BMI. In addition, once filed, they regularly will issue reports on sales, and royalties due for performances, writing, and songs. It also includes video performances, and movie rights.

If you are a serious performer, writer, singer, video/movie producer, you will need protection, and someone to make sure you are being paid for your work. In addition, Got It Productions LLC will contact advertisers, movies, and other media to let them know about your work to see if it will be right for other production opportunities. This service is an a national, and international basis. You may find your work in Australia for a beer commercial, and we'll make sure you get paid. Talk to us about this Publishing option, and we'll work with you to protect your intellectual licence.

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